Nurse crop is:

A.Trees are raised with the preliminary object of helping a less hardy species
B.They are usually removed at an early stage as soon as they have served this purpose
C.Both (a) & (b)
D.None of these

Cleaning is:

A.As a tending operation done in the sapling crop, particularly just before
B.With the first thinning, involving the removal
C.Cutting back of all inferior growth, climbers
D.All of the above

Controlled burning depicts:

A.It is sometimes recommended for plantations as for natural regeneration to put a controlled ground fire through as soon as possible
B.As a fire protection measure where the fire risk is great, as often with chir pine
C.Both (a) & (b)
D.None of these

Thermal insulation, leading to greater deposition of dew. In addition organic mulches also contribute to:

A.Enhanced humification and microbial activity leading to higher nutrient availability
B.Improvement of soil structure, by incorporation of plant residues and by encouraging soil fauna.
C.Mulching is of profound importance in dry regions
D.Even in more humid climates it may have very beneficial effects with certain species, e.e., the poplar
E.All of the above

Artificial pruning is:

A.The production of clear material on rotations shorter than that would be required with natural pruning
B.The necessary period of growth after treatment is rather long, so the practice ordinarily must be coupled with thinning to stimulate diameter growth
C.Both (a) & (b)
D.None of these

Weeding is meant for:

A.As a tending operation done in a seedling crop involving the removal
B.Cutting back of any sort of weed growth, even woody
C.That is interfering with then growth of the corp.
D.It merges with cleaning as the seedling grow into saplings
E.All of the above