Increase in the length of neck and fore legs in African giraffe was explained by Lamarck due to the fact that ancient giraffes stretched their neck and fore legs generation after generation and the character acquired as a result of use was inherited. Darwin also explained the phenomenon. Can you point out the way in which Darwin described it:

A.There was sudden mutation due to use and disuse and it lead to evolution in neck and fore legs
B.There was effect of temperature on these animals and as a result the change occurred
C.Only those members which had longer necks and fore legs were selected by nature
D.There were variations in population

Neolamarckism states that:

A.There is enormous fertility in organisms but their number always remains constant
B.Like begets Like
C.All the beritable characters are carried by ‘genes’ which become incorporated in the genotype and are heritable
D.The life cycle of an individual repeats the characters which were present in its ancestors

According to the Theory of Continuity of Germplasm which was put forward by August Weismann:

A.The acquired characters of organisms that have passed to somatoplasm are inherited in their offsprings
B.The acquired character of organism which have passed only to germplasm are inherited in their offsprings
C.The acquired characters of organism that have passed only to somatoplasm and not to germplasm are inherited in their offsprings
D.The acquired characters of organism are inherited due to principle of recapitulation

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