The main constraints of agroforestry are:

A.Introduction of technological procedures not suited to the prevailing socio-economic situations
B.While agroforestry enterprise may be attractive
C.Political will and commitment
D.Increasing number of institution without clear definition of functions, good and effective coordination
E.All of the above

Various ecological constraints are:

A.Competition for water and nutrients and for solar energy
B.Future agroforestry systems will have to overcome physiological (canopy structure) biological (pests and disease), ecological (Sustainability and environment protection) constraints besides being economically sound
C.Both (a) & (b)
D.None of these

Economic aspects is / are:

A.Agroforestry appears as an interesting contribution to solve the food crisis as well as the energy crisis.
B.Agroforestry has been under-estimated and it seems that the shortage will soon attain an even more critical level in the Third World than the shortage of aliments
C.Both (a) & (b)
D.None of these