Shrub borders is / are:

A.The formal walls of foliage used in landscaping to define area limits have the same purpose as hedges
B.But create an enclosure bordered only by soft massed foliage instead of brick or wooden fence
C.Both (a) & (b)
D.None of these

Trees in landscaping is / are:

A.Trees are the backbone of almost all landscape planting
B.The very fact that they take a large number of years to reach maturity
C.And display the inherent grace, it is essential that these should be selected and placed with great care
D.All of the above

Landscape planning means:

A.A comprehensive plan is a prerequisite
B.This plan should take into account the suitability of lawns and gardens
C.According to the requirements of the users
D.The economy in their development and maintenance
E.All of the above